Hello!  I’m Nic.  I love writing, drawing, reading, and generally more things than I have time to do things in.

I was born in North Carolina and raised in Virginia.  My parents are both artists – you can see some of their fabulous work at their website – and have always encouraged me in everything creative.  I mean, they encouraged me with whatever I was doing, but when it was in any way artsy, suddenly they were all, “We bought you lightfast colored pencils for that poster project!  This drawing will outlast the paper it’s on!”  They’re awesome like that.

I did my undergraduate degree at the College of William & Mary (go Tribe!), studying psychology in part because I hoped it would help me write better characters.  Then a degree in library science from UNC Chapel Hill, followed by four years as a Teen Services librarian at a great little public library on Cape Cod.

. . . and lots of writing, obviously.  It’s a good life.