Cast of Wonders – This podcast features actors reading pieces of YA fiction. Episode 242 includes a piece of flash fiction I wrote, “Multiple Choice.”


Othergate – This online literary journal of speculative fiction published the short story “Chasing Cars” in spring of 2010. Read the story here!

Quail Bell – This online fantasy magazine is slated to publish “The Fluffy Factor,” an article on writing villains that first appeared in my blog, Fancy That.

Beyond Centauri – This sci-fi/fantasy magazine published the story “Misunderstood” in its October 2010 issue.

Sideshow Fables – This brand-new print and online magazine publishes circus-themed work. The short story “What Broke the Line” appears in its second issue, Spring 2010. Awesome fact: I just found out that this story got me an author page on Goodreads!


V Magazine for Women – This Richmond-based free magazine published the article “Centra: Building Community to Care for Communities” in its June 2009 issue.


Renard’s Menagerie – This print and online magazine, now discontinued, focused on anthropomorphic stories and published the short story “This, That, and Th’Other.” in Issue Seven, July 2008.

Spindle – A literary and arts journal, Spindle published the short story “Five Days of Health Rabbitry” in April 2008. The story is here – click on the title to read it.