Overdue Update

*Generic final exams/holiday/family stuff happening-related excuse for not posting*

Work on the graphic-novel-ish project is coming along well. I’ve been doing both the writing and the drawings for it, though the writing is far ahead of the artwork (eight chapters written, two illustrated). I’ve already scanned the drawings for the first two chapters and integrated them with the written parts in a sort of mock-up of what the story should be like.

The written work is in its first draft, of course. I’m not sure, draft-wise, where the drawings are. I’ve been sketching them in mechanical pencil, then tracing with pen and erasing the sketches. I’m quite happy with them, but I am beginning to look at tablets that would let me use a pen-like tool to draw things directly on the computer. This would make changing them immeasurably easier, and also give me the valuable ability to draw lines that have the potential to be erased, but also the potential to be final draft lines. As it is now, I basically draw every illustration twice, and occasionally – despite things being just how I want them in the sketch – the pen just goes jagging off on its own and does something else.

My brother has a tablet that he rarely uses, but when I tried it once before, I found it unintuitive and difficult to use. I plan to try it again over winter break. Lots of artists I admire – especially webcomic ones – use tablets to do awesome art, so obviously it can be done.

Anyway, the project is still very exciting to me. And it provides a brand-new list of strange things for me to research, e.g. hummingbird species of northern California. I do love me some bizarre research!

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