I turned in my thesis today! Huzzah!

Relatedly, I now hope to have a bit more time for writerly activity. Was pleased yesterday with a building layout I sketched to help me clarify a scene in Looking Like Lani; now, if I can just find time to actually write the rest of the scene.

Less relatedly, yesterday seemed to be Randomly Talk About Zombie Movies Day. I had multiple fascinating conversations about what zombie movies say about humanity and what their appeals are. It wasn’t just me, either. Other people just kept bringing up zombie movies.

Maybe my favorite outcome of this was a cool discussion of how great it is when authors do a good job creating characters who are on the same side in the overall struggle, but are still at odds with each other. This spun off into talking about Harry Potter (and Snape, and Scrimgeour, and others) and also Psych (mostly Shawn and Detective Lassiter). Of course, there are TONS of great characters who fit into this kind of strange-bedfellows mold, and it makes for excellent tension, not to mention subplots and sometimes even plot-plots. Anyone else have favorite examples?

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