Writing and Werewolves?

. . . because based on this list, I have decided that adding “and [insert supernatural creature here]” makes EVERYTHING better!

I mean, I’d heard of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but you’re telling me there is a book called Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons? Which is certain to combine Austen’s original witty period satire with the tension of well-thought-out fantastical plot elements? What could possibly be better?

2 thoughts on “Writing and Werewolves?

  • Your link seems to be for a Twilight article now. 🙂

    I’m trying to wrap my head around a Northanger Abbey in which there are ACTUAL crazy fantasy elements as opposed to the gothic horror elements that are all in Catherine’s imagination.

    I would actually vaguely like to write a YA adaptation of Northanger Abbey in which the main characters are modern-day fangirls, meet the creator of their fandom and his cute son at a science fiction convention, and begin to think that the story (which would be some kind of silly mish-mash of Twilight, Harry Potter, and Buffyverse) is real…. Actually I should probably write this before vampires go out of fashion.

    • AIIIE! I have fixed the link. I think the blog post that originally mentioned the current link also mentioned that Twilight thing, and I looked at both, so I guess I just copy/pasted the wrong address. Thanks for pointing that out!

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